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I really like that they listen to you and your needs. I am very alternative thinking when it comes to dentist ( no fluoride, clean with unflavored paste etc…)

Chris Bey

When my dentist retired I was referred to DuHamel Family Dentistry. I was worried I would not get the service I was use too. I should have never worried, I get the same quality service, same friendly, kind staff.  They always go out of their way to assist me with whatever my needs are. I had been told by my doctor that I might have sleep apnea, but without a good reason I had never been tested. When I was being checked by Dr. DuHamel and complained about jaw pain he also suggested sleep apnea. It was causing me to clench my teeth, which made my jaw sore. So I had my PCP make a referral to the sleep study center and I was diagnosed with severe sleep apnea. I am so happy with this dentist, tech’s and staff, they are the best!!!

Micki Campbell

I am so blessed to have come to DuHamel Dentistry! I have been fitted for a daytime mouth piece for TMJ. Since using, I have only had one day with a headache and my hearing has also improved. Before the mouth piece I had a headache everyday of some degree, slight to not even wanting to open my eyes because of the pain!

Kay Linthicum Newton


I would like to share my joy with you regarding how my “health-life” has changed after using your sleep appliances. I now sleep through the night. I do not get out of bed or wake up for 5 to 7 hours. Doctors reports and blood tests continue to show a remarkable improvement in cholesterol and heart related scores. Liver, gallbladder and kidneys are functioning well. I am so pleased with health issues since using your sleep appliance.

Patti McGuire 03/03/16

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