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There are different aspects of dental hygiene.

Your dentist or hygienist can help you learn good oral hygiene techniques and can help point out areas of your mouth that may require extra attention during brushing and flossing.

Initial Hygiene

This is a one-hour appointment where the hygienist evaluates gum and bone health, as well home care routines. During this visit, we develop a treatment plan for either routine cleanings or a “deep cleaning” if necessary. Plaque and calculus (tartar) is removed in non-diseased tissues, followed by selective polishing.

Routine Hygiene

This appointment is every four to six months depending on individual hygiene needs. Routine cleanings are accompanied with an annual exam and check-up x-rays. These appointments are intended to support oral health by checking for decay, monitoring periodontal pocket measurements, and by removing disease causing plaque/calculus build-up. Cleanings are finished with polishing off the unwanted stain with a flavor of your choice.

Scaling/Root Planing- “deep cleaning“

This treatment is a non-surgical approach to treat periodontal “gum” disease by removing toxins and calculus build-up “deep” below the gum line along the root surfaces. By removing the bacteria below the gums, it promotes healing and with adequate home care and the proper maintenance program, it will prevent further destruction to periodontal tissues/bone. Local anesthesia and/or nitrous oxide can be provided to ensure comfort. This procedure is completed in sections “quadrants” until all diseased areas have been treated. After root planning, the patient is put on a maintenance program to monitor and treat continue to treat the gum disease.

Periodontal Maintenance

Following a deep cleaning this is a one-hour long appointment typically, every three to four months. During this appointment, gum/bone health is monitored, and homecare instructions are reviewed. Plaque and calculus removal is completed, paying close attention to the problem areas treated with root planning. Medicated irrigations or rinses are provided when necessary, as well as localized root planning if flare ups occur. These cleanings are provided more frequently to ensure oral health success.

Children’s Hygiene

Kids are typically seen twice a year for a cleaning, check-up x-rays, and scaling/polishing when needed. Home care is reviewed every visit to encourage good habits. Hygienist and Doctors also will evaluate for tooth eruption to recommend early intervention for orthodontics, myofunctional therapy or sealants. Fluoride varnish applications are suggested when needed for kids who are prone to decay.

Fluoride Varnish

Topical varnish used to re-mineralize weak tooth structure aimed at preventing decay and/or reducing sensitivity.


Preventative measure by physically “sealing” out decay. Placed on newly erupted permanent molars, the resin material bonds inside the deep grooves to form a barrier preventing decay on biting surface of the tooth.

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