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DuHamel Family Dentistry provides our patients with a complete evaluation of their oral health.  We offer the best treatment available.  We believe it is our responsibility to educate ourselves by all means available and pass this information on to our patients.  We offer education on the latest health technologies, thereby allowing our patients the ability to develop and achieve their individual health goals, and to become active participants in their health care.  “Listening” to our patient’s needs and desires is important to us.  Maximum health is only obtained when both the health care provider and the patient have mutual treatment goals.

DuHamel  Family Dentistry takes an active part in our community.  We strive to maintain a high standard of business ethics.  We provide our staff with employment which encourages personal growth and pride favorable compensation.    It is our desire to help make our community healthier and happier, leaving a legacy of knowledge, experience and personal growth.

We believe you deserve a balance of quality, value, personalized care, high technology and clinical excellence based on research, success rates and your comfort.  Every effort has been made to offer you a well-developed philosophy of care, quality materials, efficient procedures, easy to understand treatment options and a diverse range of dental care.

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